Wow! I just don’t know really know where to start. I can write about just about anything until it comes to myself. Well for as far back as I can remember I loved to write as it was the best way for me to convey what I was thinking or ever feeling.

Writing got me through my awkward teenage years as I spilt many a tear over the broken heart poems that I felt I had to write to help with all of the grieving and confusion. Of course now I am a lot older, and in my fifties, it has never changed as grief unfortunately still finds us all. I think what I have come to love more now, as I am older, is how with words we can communicate with everyone and how they are the Universal language for everything. Words are an extension of us and we can talk about anything especially if it touches another and we can no longer feel alone.

My life long dream would be to write many ‘Meaningful Expressions’ and touch as many hearts as I can about what really counts. Things that really matter and affect all of us at some stage in our life the good or the bad. I feel that even at our lowest we are learning and changing and re-affirming what counts and that can’t always be a bad thing. I pray that I have the ability to write something one day that speaks on the words of many lips and changes our world for the better. I know this is highly confident and not many of us will ever get there but I am always willing to keep trying. There is nothing more important than a persons heart and soul and so I feel it’s worth working for.

I had never shared my words past a few friends and some family members, like my beautiful daughter Fallyn, that is until the sad and untimely passing of George Michael. I wrote a poem called ‘ How Time Flew ‘ for all of us so shocked and still grieving from his loss and received such wonderful and positive feedback especially from my first and official ‘Greatest Fan’ Carine Mancini Refi! I felt what I had been searching for and dreaming of all of my life was finally a real possibility. Then my son-in-law Andrew Price made all of this happen by helping me to set up this page and to share it with all of you!

Thank you to everyone that believed in me and has now inspired me to make all of my dreams come true. This journey is for all of you x