Yes my Wings have taken me from you,
Guess it’s my turn so i turned around and flew,
To a place where i can now look down upon you
Oh my lovelies if you only knew.

You keep my starlight shinning bright,
Turn my lonely days of darkness into light,
look to the skies above when day turns into night
You will see that i am right.

So take each day with all our love,
And just know that i am watching from above,
You’ll never really clip the wings upon a Dove
It always finds true love.

So know that i have never left you,
I’m always in my words that i had gone and felt too,
And i’m in those memories that you have always gone to
When you feel blue.

And know that you can always find me
When you sing the words that i have left behind me,
And you will see the man that i’ve held deep inside me
As though your Hearts have laid beside me.

And we are never far apart,
When you sing my songs that i wrote from my heart,
You will feel the way that i felt from the start
Before we had to part.

So please know that i’m alright,
I found a Peace when i was placed into the light,
I may have been alone when i passed Christmas Night
But i had my Mother in my sight….

To All of George’s Lovelies xxx

I will call it ‘ How Time Flew ‘


A Special Thanks to Les Haynes, Lynne Jones, Suni Roeder Mayhue, Michaela Buschhoff and Cris Yog Rotherham for all of your lovely kind words and support. xxx


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