I searched this world for a love like yours,
As there was nothing my poor heart wanted more,
But in my darkness nobody was there,
Because nothing in the world would ever compare.
Yes i found flames my heart searched for,
I caught alight i wanted more,
But I felt the cold upon my pillow,
As my poor heart tore right down the middle.
But in the ended i needed you,
Just like i always used to do,
You were the one that kept me safe,
And there’s no heart that could ever take your place.
I was the child that made you whole,
But when you left me i fell so low
And then i dreamt i saw your face,
But when i woke there was just an empty space.
But tonight my dreams came true,
And i lost my life right there in front of you,
And as you wrapped your wings around me,
My heart was so glad that you found me.
And now at last i can see your face,
As there was no one else that could ever take your place,
And now we never have to ever part,
Thank God you came to me Mother..
to be the one to un-break my heart.

May they both Rest Forever In their love xxx

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