The statistics state that one third of all women have been abused and raped worldwide. Of that figure one woman is raped every two minutes. These are the figures that we know of. Sixty percent of the assaults committed are by somebody that the victim knows. Many of these women are too afraid to step forward and report it. They are ashamed and afraid of the consequences in doing so and the fear of them not being believed. Most of the physical damages will occur during the actual event, but eventually both the mental and emotional damage sustained will last their lifetime. Statistically, as much as sixty percent of all rapes are not reported to the police and over ninety seven percent of rapists will never spend a single day in jail. These victims have little or no one to turn to and the resources are limited in them receiving any real help.


Then there’s us. Our statistical figures are unknown. We have no idea when the assaults will cease or occur. We too have over whelming anxiety and fear and yet we are too afraid to even tell someone that we know. The whole subject of Alien abduction has been masked in a label of shame. Any accounts of it will automatically be labelled as fabricated although we too have to live with, and suffer, the long-term effects of these assaults for the rest of our lives. Like any other rape they will affect our relationships, our family and our safety and our world will never be the same again. We will never be the same again. The difference is that we already know that no one will ever be brought to justice for it. The victims of this heinous crime will be as silent as their Alien perpetrators.


Daylight seems to be our only safety. They don’t seem to attack much during the day. Maybe it reduces their likelihood of getting caught or seen or maybe they just can’t stand the light. They come and go as they please and just seem to be able to do to what ever they like to us. They invade our privacy, our homes and our bodies. They don’t seem to have any conscience. Maybe they don’t even consider what they are doing to be a crime. All we know is that we cannot go to anyone about it even with our injuries. The less that is said or shown the better. They seem to be protected by our own public reaction surrounding the whole subject and therefore have more rights than the victim. Someone needs to tell. What is the worst that we would have to be subjected to if we did? What will be the worst of the consequences for those around us if we don’t? They need to be stopped. Who knows whom their next victim may be? You?


Our world is a big place and for as long as people exist we know that these crimes will continue to go on. It is within the human personality to attack our own kind and defy the law. The problem is that we do not know if these same logic’s apply with them. Man made the mistake once in believing that his world was flat. If we had never admitted we could be wrong we would never have taken the risk to look and find out .We would have always believed that was the truth. The same thing applies now. If someone does not speak out, and just lives in fear of the public scrutiny, then we will be stuck in our own perception of the truth, which may be far from it.