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One minute I was just an ordinary housewife, just like any other, wondering through my daily life. The next minute I was left wondering how I could possibly get through my daily life. I had gone from someone rational and so sure of her priorities and beliefs to somebody who can’t even believe in herself at times. Some of the events that have happened to me you may have heard of before. That’s fine with me as it validates the possibility of it. Then I will speak of certain events that are completely unheard of. These events have not only shocked, but astounded me, and left me battling within my own mind to make sense of it all. They have not only made me question our religious and social beliefs but also the fabric of my own being. I have come along way since the first attack and I just try now to prepare myself for the next.

The luxury of questioning your total belief in something has gone for me. I have been left with no doubt in my mind that these things are real. I have felt them, had to live with them and now have become highly afraid of them. I have lost all my sense of security as no place feels safe for me anymore. I no longer have a place that I can call home. They come and go as intruders of not only my home, but of my mind, my body and my soul. I don’t own any of myself anymore. I have to wonder if they are watching, even now, as I write this account of their constant abductions. This is something that you can’t hide from, you can’t see and you certainly can’t predict. They have technology not only above our comprehension but above our heads, not only cloaked, but hidden among mythical mystery. To most of us their existence is something to be argued over and left open to ones imagination. For my family and I they have become part of our daily life.

I have now chosen to write an account, so as to share with you, all that my family and I have been through. We have been suffering as silently as the intruders themselves. I do not know who they are but I do know that they don’t discriminate so you and your family could be next. They do not understand or comprehend your feelings and so therefore they do not care of the pain that they will inflict upon you. I will liken it to someone performing surgery on you without any anesthetic. I do not believe that they are monsters but I cannot and will not strip away at the horror of their encounters. They are here and they are real. We must prepare ourselves for what is next. I have no idea yet if they are friend or foe but I do know that I would not want them as my enemy. We do not know whom or what we are dealing with. Their activity seems to come and go in waves and for now it seems quiet. I know I had a hard time trying to convince my own family, until they themselves experienced things, so I do not expect to convert you. My real concern is for my family. What’s scary is that I have no way of assuring them that they will not be next. Can you and your family afford not to believe me? Extraterrestrial’s are here. They have an agenda. I know them appearing to us now is only a matter of when.