As the winter cries its rain,
And the leaves fall to the floor,
We know it’s over,
Your heart just doesn’t want me anymore.

Our reflections in the puddles,
See the sadness in our hearts,
Then i see you ,
But in your rush you walk straight past.

I feel as low as the falling leaves,
I cry as much as the pouring rain,
I’m in too deep,
But your heart no longer feels the same.

Where are we going?,
Why did we let it all go on?,
What were we thinking?,
When we just let it all go wrong?,
When we said “i love you”,
You know we meant each and every single word,
But now you’ve left me,
To walk alone within this world.

So Just don’t let the seasons roll past,
Without your heart saying a word,
And please don’t let our hearts just break,
Then pour their pain upon our world.

You know you’ll never find someone,
Who loves you more than i loved you,
So please just remember why you loved me first,
Before you send our hearts forever blue.

Verse 2:
So please just come back to me,
To see if we could mend our broken ways,
Please let us both just see,
The horizon at the end of all our days.

I knew i loved you,
Before you even said a word,
But now I’m flying all alone,
Upon the wings of a solitary bird.

You know i love you,
You know I’ve missed you like the sea,
So please just come my way and wave and say,
That your world is never going to be the same again without me.

Repeat Chorus:


Just going with the up and coming winter weather tonight 🙂


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