I had a dream the other day about the first man that I ever loved,

He was holding my hand and I was twirling while the sun shone above.

He was the first man that I had ever wanted to pick flowers for,

The first person that made me feel that I was always safe and secure.


You were my hero and everyone else had to be just like you,

I remember when I cried you would hold my hand too.

I couldn’t imagine a time when you wouldn’t be in my life,

You were the one who taught me how to ride my first bike.


The stories you would tell me took me to fantastic places,

And I would always dream of you, and I, and the joy upon our faces.

I was always brave and strong again when I was with you,

And I always was your ‘beautiful girl’ when we met someone new.


I’d cry when I hurt myself and you were always there,

Comforting me like no other could with that warmth within your stare.

I remember like it was just yesterday it meant that much to me,

Just like I was to you and Mum the day that you both had me.


I stare upon your face now and I can still see that man today,

You’ll never age or come to any harm as long as I dreamt it that way.

You were so strong for me and cared for me your little princess,

Now Dad I am going to show you how to give you my very best.


Let’s imagine we are in a place where we are together again,

You’re not lying here sick today in any more discomfort or pain.

Let me take you to that place where the sun still shines for us,

And I can hold your hand forever as I see you’ve had enough.


I will never say goodbye to you or show you any fear,

You are the reason why I live and what I’m doing here.

But if you have to leave me alone now because I am strong enough,

Dad I promise I wont stop looking for your love from up above.


I know that I will still see you in the way I hold my child,

When they fall and I can wipe their tears and see you when they smile.

The things that you have shown me are the things that will not die,

As long as I have your memory Dad then I will always keep you close by….



Written for Michelle Coleman and Her Daddy xxx


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