Nations have risen but colours may fall,

We were all born an equal till man made the law,

Then my brothers weren’t brothers or sisters at all,

And then up came that invisible divisional wall.


Well I stood there as one man but many believed,

So I decided to stand up for all those deceived,

As we all have one life and we all struggle the same,

So is it us or is it the men that govern us that’s to blame?


So I took on the law and the law thought they’d win,

As I shouted out loud that we’re all the Lord’s Kin,

That Equality comes when we all feel the same,

That if a man’s not a man then it’s man that’s to blame.


I was thrown into prison like they’d had my heart caged,

But does that stop a man’s soul that is bitterly enraged?

So I grew in my strength that my voice was still heard

They may lock up a man but his voice is still free as a bird.


As the world slowly turned I saw it gradually changed,

To see the face of a man in what ever his race,

And my freedom was given to me 27 years late,

But it was worth all the gain as I walked through those gates.


Now I head for the gates where I know we are one,

And that Gift is a Gift that I can now hand to my son,

And I know that my peace is the freedom I’ll feel,

After all we are all of God’s people.


So if the world spins tomorrow and I am not there,

Don’t separate in your feelings of fear or despair,

Just know that a man is not judged by the colour you see,

And remember you can always breathe for me …..



Written by Deborah Jayne Cheetham and

Dedicated to a Great man Nelson Mandela xxx


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