Mother please just take me with you
I don’t know how my heart will go on
i don’t know how to live without you
As you are where my heart belonged.

You have left this hole within me
You have taken all my tears
I don’t know how to still be me
Within this pain and all these fears.

So catch my heart it’s calling
To you always in my pain
And know my heart will keep on falling
If i don’t see you once again.

So please just come and take me too
The sun has lost all of its shine
And i just want to be with you
Right up until the end of time.

I hate to wake up in the morning
And you’re not here for me to see
My tears will have to keep on pouring
Out to the oceans of the sea

And as i laid you down to sleep
I knew my world was not the same
I let my soul out as i weep
And looked upon this world for blame.

But then i saw you as an Angel
And knew that Heaven wanted you
The tears i cried no longer painful
It’s just you had some work to do.

And You had loved me while on earth
But now it’s time for you to go
I knew you’d loved me from my birth
But now i’m under your wings below.

So i will see you when it’s my turn
And we can hold each other tight
For now my heart will just have to learn
To blow a kiss to you as i turn out the light.


Written for Helen Sampey whom sadly has recently just lost her Mother xxx