I’m looking at your face

And you’re looking at mine

I’m asking how you are

And you’re telling me “just fine.”

But i look overhead

And the clouds are all black

And we’re both saying words

That we can never take back.

Your words have no rhythm

And mine have no rhyme

So why are arguing?

just wasting our time?

I know that you love me

And i love you too

So why are we fighting

Till we’re black and we’re blue?

So you go it alone

And i’m looking for you

I’m driving back home

And you’re calling me too.

We’re texting and talking

Like the worlds gonna end

So why do we fight

Like our pride has no end?

You’re looking me over

And i’m feeling the hate

So make it the end

Of a terrible check mate.

You don’t care if i’m right

And i don’t care if you’re wrong

So why are we fighting again

And not getting along?

You love me as i am

And i’m loving you

So quit starting a fight

Right out of the blue.

Our faces are red

As we’re starting to yell

Do you know what it’s over

As our pride starts to swell?

I know you saw green

As your jealousy raged

Yet you know you’re my Queen

When we’re doing okay.

Now our hearts are all blue

As the tears start to flow

These are the colours of true love

For the person i’d love to know.