Life has battered me down

But i still get up

The flight of the Phoenix

Was never given up.

The more that you beat me

The tougher my hands get

Your walking on water

Hasn’t gotten to me yet.

You think you’re above me

But i’m looking at you

Like the snake in the grass

that has bitten off more

Than he can chew.

You’re walking around like

The best is yet to come

But i know when i beat you

You are gonna up and run.

You’re talking in riddles

But the story don’t fit

Your lies have got you going round

But no one believes it.

So sit on your throne now

Your kingdom awaits

Of traitors and low life’s

But no one’s your true mate.

I’m surrounded by fools

But i’m honest in soul

And your honestly fooling

Yourself into that big hole.

So walk with your conscience

And i’ll live with mine

Your talking your shit

While my friends are still

Forming a line

So stop with your talking

And just walk away

Your tongue is all forked

And no snakes are my forte.

You’re like a bad road kill

I’ll scrape off my shoe

And so is your face

When i’m faced looking at you!

So just walk away now

And we’ll call it a draw

But you look wrong my way

And i’m calling it ‘full out war’.

You’re a dollar a dozen

And i’m one of a kind

So go back to your man cave

And go live your low life!


First go at writing a rap for my son Andrew hahahaha. Only just started and only took me half an hour to write! This journey should be fun for the both us hahahaha.