Life is tough

It’s rarely ever fun

I got pushed

Till i’ve had enough

I’ve been there and done

That one.

The call of the wild

Was always way too strong

The booze the drugs the women

They never got along.

I thought my life would thank me

When it was all said and done

But I would throw them all down

And then just move on to the next one.

I took myself from life to death

As tomorrows never come

I never cared for my last breath

Or if knew the rising sun.

Cos all i had to live for

Was what i have today

And I was always far too gone

To see the error of my ways.

But i was just giving into everyone elses

Definition of fun

The rest of me was some where else

Who just got high and played along.

The fools and the jokers

That all came my way

They never really cared for me

But they would always make my day.

I thought i was the man

But i was lost along the wrong path

I took to drugs to kill the pain

But then i woke up now at long last.

There’s no one there

When things get rough

The first one’s to give you up

Are the one’s that don’t say “you’ve had enough.”

You try to care

But you are lost within a haze

And you cannot hear their caring words

As you’re living for less and less these days.

And all you’re thinking is

Just hanging on for today

And fuck the rest

You’ve gotta live life your way.