Let me tell you ’bout
The story of rags to riches
You haven’t got the cash
Well you ‘aint getting any bitches
So make your money very carefully indeed
Cos you don’t know who’s your mate
Or just a friend that lends in need

As when you’re needing help
There isn’t anybody there
But when you’ve got some money coming
your mates are coming from
Here,there and everywhere.

So make your ladies love you
Well before you earn the cash
And as for those rainy days you need to
Make sure that you’ve got your own stash.
Or when you turn around there isn’t any there
And all because you flashed the cash
And now your life’s become a living nightmare.

And not the one on Elm street where
You’re scared to fall asleep
I’m talking a real nightmare where you don’t even know
which one of your friends to keep.
And all of the women, well they’re pouring out
like a rum and coke
And their all telling you ‘you mean everything to me’
Yeah right! What a fuckin’ joke.

And you don’t have to wait for presents anymore
If you want anything at all
It’ll be waiting at your front door
And there is something else i’ll tell you now for free
There’ll be plenty of pussy waiting for you there
under your Christmas tree
But if you’re looking around
for someone just to get to know
Then all i’m telling you now
Is all you’ll be getting for Christmas
Is the wrong kind of HO HO HO!

And what is money
if you’re not around to make it
And what is fame
if you’re not around to fake it
And what are riches
if you’re not around to take it
So i say fuck it! Just fuck it all!

So heed my warning now
Don’t pity me i’m poor
And yes i might be lonely as
i’m walking out my front door
But it’s no joke for me
I’m knowing who my friends are
And that is all i need in my life
That, and my wife and kids
Does a real man’s needs
really need anymore?…

My husband was astonished that i wrote this out in half an hour but i have found my new passion in rap! hahahaha. I can say just about anything and it’s ok Lol 🙂 But as i always say, it has to mean something. This was inspired by my daughter’s hero Australian rapper 360. I listened to him for the first time the other night and his words were mesmerizing!! He’s been there and done that and so have i. He also openly suffers from depression and i can totally relate to him. It is another of the horror infliction’s to bestow my poor family! I know there are others of us out there. Hold on to hope and never give up x

Ps. Please forgive my term for women as ‘bitches’ but it’s just how it’s said to rhyme and i only have the highest regard for us ladies. Having been a single Mum of a daughter and now a granddaughter there is nothing derogatory meant in anyway towards women. x