You know that i love you,
I’m sure that you see it in my eyes,
There’s no one above you,
But my heart lays still in disguise.

I wake up just knowing,
That last thing at night,
You don’t know how i call for you,
That your place is right here by my side.

My love is a vision,
With many layers deep inside,
What if you don’t feel the same way i do?
Would my heart have somewhere left to hide?

I wonder where i’m going?
I wonder where my life will all end?
But I’m always sure i love you,
And that this feeling will never end .

So i’ll keep it on the down low,
At least i have all of our love to myself,
But one day when you wake up,
It’ll be my heart that you’ll look to with no doubt.

Then i can wake up just knowing,
That i will always see your face,
Till the last thing at night,
When i know that you know
That your heart has found its place.
Don’t let your heart wander alone
Because in me it’s found a home.

written by me Deborah Jayne Cheetham,
Because i was inspired by the lovely words of Alejandrito Adriana Nicole Bonilla on The William Singe page 🙂 I Hope it brings inspiration to us all x