I’m terrorized and i’m screaming my heart out
I just can’t believe my eyes
What is this car all about?
Where is it going?
What does it mean?
Oh my Lord God please help me!
As my legs stay frozen in the scene
Where was i going
When i got upon this bridge?
Where was my life heading
Down town i think
somewhere in Cambridge
God i just can’t think
My mind is racing out
from under me
With all this blood
And all this horror placed upon me
What about all the others
I can hear their screams are fading
Are we out numbered
Who are the innocent
and who’s the ones we are blaming?
Why can’t i see
What is happening right here in front of me?
Where do i go
To keep my life here in front of me?
Oh God please help me!
I need to see my family
What have i done?
And why are they blaming me?
If my legs could only run
Just two feet out in front of me
Then i just might be the one
that got away scot-free
Don’t take our lives
There not there for the taking
And you’re not God
and you’re argument is not with me
Then the car ploughs down
Everyone my bleeding eyes can see
Just as my last breath
Was leaving me….

I am not trying to offend any particular religious group here but i just wrote this out as it is and as i felt it for each and everyone of those poor victims.