You’ve always had
Your eyes so brown
And they’ve always looked sad to me
But then you’d give me that smile
The one that made my day
And i felt all of my blues
Just wash away into the sea

But there’s a sadness
The one that i can see
And you’re drowning out now
in your sorrow

So there’s a question i will ask
Do you want to come with me
Where we could hope to find
The pathway to tomorrow

I’ve seen all of these years
That there is something more to you
And that your heart can cry
real tears
So i am asking you today
will you let me find away
Where i could hope to find
The pathway to tomorrow

So just take all of those tears
And pack them all away
You can save them all now
For all those real rainy days

I’ve walked a million miles to have you
You take my breath away
To look at you
I wouldn’t want to love another
Because you’re everything to me

I’d tear my heart right down the middle
Just for you to see straight through it
I’d search the earth and seas for you
But i can see that you’re still blue

So i will ask you
So i can take away your pain
If you will be there my side
Each and every single day
And if you will
Then we can both just hope and pray
That we can both just find a way to
The pathway to tomorrow

Yes we can both just hope and pray
That our love will find a way
To put us back upon
The pathway to tomorrow..

Wrote this today and was inspired by my daughter Fallyn. Your deep brown eyes brought me here 🙂 There is a hidden sadness that i have seen now she has been sick. She is pregnant and has suffered so much for her unborn child that i know how much love a Mother can have now x Love you always my child x