The lies
The tears
The goodbye’s
Why am i breathing it?
Why did you ever have to tear at my heart
Then just keep on cheating it?
Wasn’t my body
Everything you’d ever seen?
Wasn’t i pleasing you
As well as i should have been?
You took everything i have
And now i feel like i’m a nothing
Wasn’t your world a big enough place
For you to hang your hat in?
Making your way into the hearts and souls
Of so many
And the many nights i laid awake
Just waiting for you to get in
I tried to give you a call
But you wouldn’t ever answer your phone
And now i know all of the reasons why
That i still wish i hadn’t known
You took me down to your twisted
And lying little path
Did you ever think if you left me in tears
That you and her would ever last?
Don’t tell me it wasn’t me it was you
I’m so sick to death of hearing it
If it was me then why didn’t you just go and leave me
Rather than keep on doing do it?
The blame game and the tears have
All reared their ugly heads
As for my mind it’s far too messed up
To even hear what you have just said
Blah blah blah it doesn’t really matter
All i can feel in my chest is my poor heart
Bleeding now in tatters
Why oh why God did you go ahead and do it?
Did you ever think i would want to hear
All of the poor and pitiful excuses
And then who else knew it?
You’re dead to me you’re worthless
And i don’t ever want to see your face again
So why God am i still in so much fucking pain??
These tears i cry are for me
They’re never yours
Can you see all of the damage that you have done
As my heart closes it doors?
So come back now and tell me that you’re sorry
No don’t let him back in you’ll always worry
No come back again and just tell me why
And this time no more fucking lies!
I just hate this life and everyone around me
Why have they got to be so damn loud
and just so happy?
Why can’t anybody else just feel my pain
For me those clouds aren’t white and fluffy
In my world,in my life, all i get is the pouring fucking rain.
Just let me breathe in and out for the rest of the day
How i am ever going to cope and get over you?
How am i ever going to get through this heartache
Every time i look, or feel or go to even think of you!
You stripped me bare, exposed my soul, and then you left
You took me from myself and left me here with all that’s left
I have to try and make myself just love me once again
You know the person that you met
Then maybe you will love me once again
Then i see my battered heart within the mirror
And i see the damage that you’ve done
When you got with her
And i feel how much of my love and life i just gave to you
And i know it’s over
There’s nothing more for me to love, or to hate or to even do
It pains my poor heart to even say it out aloud
But we’re through…..