I just
Can’t look you
In the eyes
As my
Just bleeding
And we can no longer
Go and disguise
All of this shit that you’ve put me though
You beat me down when i got up
And took me down when things got rough
But i would never
Hurt you back
As love just never works like that
But you’re no longer a real man
To me
You’re dead you see
And i can no longer feel anything back
You just took me and told me that i was bad and that i would never amount to anything
Well i fought back
And now i just look at you with those same eyes
The ones that
Want to punch you back
But just hold their fists in disguise as you’re a closet basher
You know the ones that don’t say what they really are
The ones that cling on and hold on too tight
To hide out from what they really are
And i no longer want anything to do with you
As i don’t want to raise my kids anything like you
So take your bottle and drown in your best friend now
As i take my family and just get the fuck out of here as i am now
I know to be a better parent and not show my kids all of my fucked up ways
And just show them how to go and live amongst all of these darker days
Where technology is your mate and you don’t go and make friends outside anymore
Its not all fun and games it’s just children wanting more and more and more
And yet in their souls they are just so empty as they just don’t know how to go outside anymore and just play
But at least they aint seeing a fist full of fingers for breakfast
And they don’t have time to even get away
From the abuse and disaster that they have to call their father…

Sorry if i am not sorry if i offend anyone with the way that i write these raps. It’s just that it’s about real life with real meaning and i just write them out ,as they are, first time and keep them that way. It’s real and it’s raw and there’s emotion in there that i want you to feel. Please forgive me if you think that i am being arrogant i am not trying to be. I’m just keeping it real x Have a good weekend everybody and if you are reading this instead of being out, having a good time, then thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂 x