As this winter
Takes this land over
And all of our
Skies too

I’m just taken to
A place that i know
Where all my thoughts
Are always of

But here
The winters
Are just so lonely
And now this bitter snow
Has come through
Just as they’ve told me
That as i grower sicker
That i just wont always
Go to remember you

And now as the ground
Goes to grow colder
And all of this rain
Comes pouring through
All of my tears
Still take me to
That place
Where your warm smile
Still comes shinning through

Where we were younger
In all our summers
And all the roses
Were still in bloom
And that’s where you told me
That you’d always love me
So that my heart
Would never forget you

Yes now this winter
Has taken over
And all of this rain
Runs to the sea
My heart still takes me
To that place i know
Where you had told me
That you loved me

So through my struggles
I’m still reminded
To thank the Lord now
For me and you
As all our memories
Are ours forever
In all of our summers
That still shine through…..

For all those that are sadly forgetting those they love most in life.
This is dedicated to my mother who died not knowing me.