I’m just a slave
To your love…

Yeah Boy

i’m Just a slave
To all your love…

So take my soul down
To where
The rivers
Are running free

So that i can
Be who ever
It is
I just
Wanna be

You can undress me
And play with my hair
I’m all yours now
So i just don’t care

Walk me freely into
Your arms
And i will just as freely
Succumb to your charms

So take me down
To where the rivers are running free
And you can place all of your trust in me

Yeah boy i’m a slave to all your love….
You went and stole my soul from up above

So take me now to where the
Heavens meet the earth
And i will just keep on loving you
Here upon this earth

My soul’s now all of yours to keep
As you have my heart under lock and key

Boy i’m just a slave to your love

Yeah boy

I’m just a slave to all your love

So take me down to where i’m free
And just let me be who i’m gonna be

When i had my freedom i just didn’t care
Who took me and who i was when we were there
But now i’ve met you and my mind has changed
And you’ve put all my loving days in chains

So come back here and make me all yours
And i will do just what ever you came here for

Because baby my soul is still all yours
But my body is free to just keep walking
Straight out of those doors……

This one is slow and jazzy with real soul 🙂 x Love these real worded crooners they take me back in soul to days where singers and musicians just got each other and just played for the love of the music x

Would just LOVE for my cousin Ella Michelle to sing this for me for her her, for me, for my site 🙂 It would be a dream come true to see this come to life! 🙂 x