Pure and simple is the mind that wonders around this universe unbroken and un-torn within principles that correlate and contemplate the chances of life and all that are within its grasp and the darkness that bestows us every single night as thought to come and feast amongst our souls just gaining knowledge on what it is we eat and thrive upon and suffer for as though love itself was tasteless to the point where we must harbour secrets of hidden lusts and magical places that change the look upon our faces and morph us into our very own creations of life itself with complex emotions and space between us like animals on a carnival ride that don’t quite belong side by side and yet live and feed off of others emotions to hide their own as though we ourselves were blank to the dark and lightness of it and the world itself was just so plain and simple…..

Woke up anxious this morning and this just came spewing out. I have had very little sleep and going a bit nuts with this full moon. Hahahahaha 🙂 I know it doesn’t make sense and i know that there is no punctuation and i am going to leave it how it is in reflection of my mood today and this Black Friday 🙂