Well the anxiety is back you know where all your mind just snaps and wells to where even your eyes and mind don’t even work anymore and life becomes dull and boring and you just don’t even know if you may not even want to live anymore and the people are just staring right at you but you didn’t even see their face as they look at you and laugh as though you are a fucking disgrace with mental illness these days doubling and tripling among the poor i have to wonder if its this world and all the shit within it that makes our heart just not take it anymore and the twist and turns of life and that trouble and strife that cuts like the blunt end of a sharpened knife that twists and turns us into animals that wait on their turn as though life itself aint ours and we all just live among these clouds in some La La land and the only thing we have to worry about is all the bills and then we die and are left just wandering why this shit was all going on and how all of our minds and children just don’t belong into this world where hate and judgement all descend onto a hidden race of normalized souls that just could not take it all in the end ….

Just a bad night x