I’ve been
Through the
And all
I can see
Is just
Your face

You’ve been
Taking over
All my
As I know
You’re someone
I just
Can’t replace

When we
Were in
I just
Went and
Lost you
I never
Gave you
Any time

It just
Flew by
And then
You told me
That i
Had gone
And made
you cry

I’m just
So sorry
If i had
Left you
All alone
Your world

And please
Don’t be
Sorry that
You’ve ever
Met me

Because to me
You’re my
Whole world

Please just
Come and
Tell me
Which path
My heart
Should take

And how
To go
And get
You back

And then
I’ll carry
All my
For you
Right to
The moon
And back

And all
The stars
In Heaven
Could place
A glow
Right there
Upon your

And i can
Go back
To where
We all
Went wrong

And every
Step i
Can retrace

I’m just
So sorry
That i
Ever lost you
And i can’t
Take this
Pain away
But i know
Deep down
Within my soul
That it’s you
I need
Each day

So come
And tell me
That you
Still love me
And that
Our lives
Will find
A way
To bring back
Our love
Right back
To us
So we can
Get back
To everyday

So if tomorrow
I go to
Call you
Please tell me
That you’re home
To fix
All of this
Heartbreak that
We now feel
Before we fall
Into the world
Of the complete
Unknown ….