By love
I turned
To you
You were
The only
True friend
I had
When i
Was blue
And all
That time
I was so
In love
With you
But you
Never knew
Those were
The days
When we
Were friends
And all
Those summers
That never
I’d often
Catch myself
Looking at
So far
And yet
So close
To you
Could you
Possibly know
How i
Would there
Ever be
A day
Where this
Could all
Possibly turn
Do i
Ever let
You know
How it is
That i
Really feel?
Maybe not
I will
Just stare
At you
Alot and
Pray that
One day
You will
Look my
Way too …..

Mmmmm can be a very complicated situation. Do you possibly ruin a true friendship for possibly true love? I did x