I only
Want us
To ever
Go at
Your own

So i
That i
Would give
Us just
A little
Bit of
Breathing space

And then
I woke
Up in
A sweat
With just
A need
To have
To see
Your face

So how
About you
Come on
Over here
For a
Little bit
Of lust
And lace

And i
Feel like
I am
Dying in
This dark
And lonely
Bedroom space

And the
Only thing
That keeps
Me going
Is that
Look you’ll
Get upon
Your face

And i
Just want
To get
You here
To have
My share
In all
Of your
Warm embrace

So let’s
Just get
Two glasses
And we
Can let
Our hearts
Just leave
This space

Where together
We can
Take our
Time and
Light up
This old

And we
Can just
Go to
Pretend that
We are
The only
Two people
Here together
In this
Time and

And together
We can
Let our
Hearts just
Dream awhile
While our
Fantasies just
Take our

As we
Both just
Dream together
Lost in
All of
This lust
And lace ….