I just
Get so
Lonely in
This dark
And dingy
Messed up

I don’t
Ever want
To get
To that
Point where
I don’t
Even like
The look
Of my
Own face

I’m torn
Right down
My soul
And i
Have no
Sight left
or to
Feel or
To taste

And i
Just get
To miss
Out on
That lovely
Feel of
Your warm

I’m just
Taken over
By this
Creature that
Just dwells
Right there
Inside of

She takes
Me over
When there’s
Other girls
There that
You have
To go
To see

So come
On and
Raise your
Ugly old
Head jealousy

She twists
Me into
A coma
Where i
Can’t even
Feel that
This is
My own

I get
To see
Things that
Aren’t even
Real there
Right in
Front of
Of my
Own face

And yet
I believed
Them while
My whole
Soul just
Lies there
In some
Big disgrace

So go
Ahead and
shoot Me

I just
Can’t take
This pain
That bubbles
And boils
Right there
All around
In my
Own head

I should
Have taken
Down that
Poster that
I just
saw and

‘Is he
cheating on
You’ and
‘Did you
Not hear
What i
Have just

And there’s
No sleep
In me
Here with
Just my
Pillow and
My darkened

Of you
And her
And all
Those things
That you
Could have
Gone and

But all
You did
Was just
End up
Teaching my
Heart this

That when
In love
Don’t ever
Go to
Trust in

So take
Your sledge
Hammer and
Just clamber
Your way
Into my
Bleeding heart

And crush
It down
With all
My dreams
Of you
Right down
Into that
Darkest part

And i
will just
keep on
Breathing it
Just like
I just
Don’t exist

While you
And her
Just keep
On living
It like
The two
Of you
Just can’t

And i’ll
Just keep
walking this
Plank that
Has my
Name written
All over

And here
Alone with
All my
Misery i
Will just
Sit and wallow
In it

Until i
Have gone
On twisting
All of
The words
That i
Have Just
Heard that
You have

And my
Heart can
Try to
Heal itself
When all
Those pictures
Of you
And her
Just finally
Leave my

And i’d
Just hate
To have
To see
Your face

While i’m
All alone
And just
Lying here
Like a
List of
All your
Past mistakes

And i
Will show
You how
To make
My heart
Climb out
From where
It once
Had laid

Just by
Leaving yours
In all
This mess
That you
Have gone
And made

So see
you there
In heaven
When we’ve
All just
Watched our
Lives go

But i
Will always
Hope and
Pray that
The two
Of you
Wont ever
Make it
Or even
Go to

And i
Will just
Sit and
Stir up
My big
Pot of
Honest hate

Because i
Know in
My soul
That i
Just took
That road
To righteousness
Just far
Too late …

I just loved doing this one and on a subject i am sure most of us have felt 🙂
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