Through the
Rest of
Our lives
We will
See the
Changes Come
All the
winters fall
And all
The summers
Begun we
Shall see
People leave
And some
Friendships begun
But tomorrow’s
Always a
Day in
Which our
Lives have
Just begun
We will
Rise in
The day
And go
To fall
In the
Night we
Shall see
The rising
Sun and
Watch our
Days fall
Into night
But the
One thing
In common
That we
All have
Just the
Same is
That our
Days will
Always end
But our
Journeys still
Remain so
Watch the
Moon as
It falls
And the
Sunsets begun
As all
Our days
Come to
An end
But all
Our tomorrows
Have just
Begun so
We shall
Rise through
These storms
As all
These summers
Still come
So take
This rain
To where
All of
The winters
Have begun
And we
Shall sit
And we’ll
Watch as
Our days
Are yet
To come
As we
May not
Have tomorrows
But all
Our lives
Have just
Begun ……

I called this Just Begun as i have used those two words a lot in this hahahaha. Still it’s one of those i wrote on the verge of sleep in bed so it is a little loopy lol 🙂 x