My lifeless
Soul is
Just burnt
Out as
I’ve just
Put in
So many
Hours just
To make
My way
But my
Eyes have
Gone and
Left me
In no
Doubt as
You can
See that
My soul’s
Just been
Torn apart
With just
One look
Into my
Eyes and
You can
See that
All those
Lights have
Just gone
Out and
It should
Be no
Surprise as
I am
Just so
Shattered And
Broke as
All These
Pieces hit
The floor
And i
Just can’t
Even think
As i
Am just
So mentally
Worn out
So please
Just Bring
Back All
Of that
Sparkle in
Me and
Just the
Need to
Carry on
As I’ve
Just been
Holding on
For just
Far too
Long and
It doesn’t
Matter if
I just
Can’t go
On as
I have
Everything that
I could
Ever need
Right here
So please
Just help
Me to
Find you
That one
That makes
Me whole
The one
That brings
Some sunshine
Into my
Life and
Breathes some
Life back
Into my
Soul for
You are
The best
Gift that
My life
Can give
And i
Shall never
Be anything
Without you
There For
As long
As we
Both shall
Live …..

We all need that someone that does this for us in our lives. ๐Ÿ™‚ x Thank you Fallyn for always giving me the hope to carry on. I just pray that i will always
be able to do that for you as your Mum. Love you ๐Ÿ™‚ x