We don’t care about the FACE of RACISM against all the other races we just think that all of those ice cream smiles only belong to those children with all of the white faces and we don’t ever think to ask the WHO the WHAT the WHEN or even care about the WHY just so long as it’s not all of our kids just laying there that are all about to die and we say that we love our world and everybody in it but what a load of rubbish that is as we take and stare and then we hate and then just get to bloody comment and we don’t ever give a shit or even go to care just so long as ‘we’re not in it’ or even ‘over there’ or just so long as it’s not ‘our neighborhood’ or we ‘just don’t’ ever get to ‘go there’ and it doesn’t affect us you know all that war and stuff with all those children getting bombed or gassed while they’re all just sleeping in their beds there of course and why do we all just sit there and watch TV while some guy just gets his bloody head cut off and ‘well said’ i think somebody just said but lets just face it we just aint getting anywhere near doing enough so fuck all this tough love let’s just place all of our weapons down and care as though it’s all of our lives that are just depending on it here and all of this world of ours just aint getting anywhere ‘so what’ if we just go to ‘bomb that place down’ or just go and ‘call each other names’ what does it ‘even really matter’ just so long as we can go and put ‘each and every other person’ down as though they’re just like from ‘some other planet’ or even just ‘from another town’ or even just like some kind of ‘alien from outer space’ that doesn’t even go to ‘think or feel like we do’ you know that doesn’t even go and ‘eat or drink’ or even die ‘just like we do’ so let’s just take all of our compassion and lets just take some action on what kind of world it is that we all say that we really want to live in and let’s just make this a much brighter place for every little baby born every single minute and let’s just all be proud to be called a ‘human being’ from the same old ‘wants and needs’ and that ‘same old boat’ to be in and let’s just try to keep it that way and the only ones that ever go to push away are those that just don’t get this message or don’t even get to feel this same way …. Peace x