Baby i
Just want
To walk
Through that
Front door

And see
A path
Of pink
Petals just
Leading all
The way
To my
Bedroom door

And there
You are
Just laying

Just about
To tell
Me how
Much you
Still love
Me and
How much
You do
Really care

And so
I just
Run a

And my
Mind just
Flicks back
Through to
Those days
Of all
Our past

And i
Can still
See your
Face that
Day when
I first
Met you

You took
Me out
For dinner
And we
Just danced
The whole
Night through

For you’re
The one
That my
Heart just

Was just
So right
For me
For my
Whole life

So just
Keep my
Soul here
With you
Into your
life and

As i
Can see
Us still
Together no
Matter where
We’ll be

And then
I smell
Those roses
And i
Just shed
A tear

One for
Each and
Every single
Year that
You’ve been
Loving me

So i
Wont take
Up too
Much of
Your time
Time to
Come to

Because i
Knew that
You’ll keep
On loving
Me my
Whole heart

And you
And i
Were just
Meant to
Be together
Forever just
Me and

So that
We could
End up
Being together
Forever our
Whole lives

With all
Those pink
Petals still
Leading me
Right there
To you …..

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