All These
Tears that
I go
To cry
Are just
Bleeding and
Flowing and
Just keep
On gushing
By as
They all
Go on
To the
Floor where
My poor
Heart has
Now gone
To die
As i
Am still
Begging that
You do
Not go
To leave
Me all
Alone now
As my
Poor heart
And soul
Just Couldn’t
Go on
Now to
Take it
Anymore and
I just
Watch as
The Vase
That I
Was Holding
Now Just
Smashes to
The Floor
And cracks
And breaks
Just like
All Of
My Heart
And Life
And my
Whole soul
As all
Of those
Red Roses
All go
To scatter
Their petals
Right there
All upon
This floor
Just like
With All
Of my
Thoughts of
You still
All going
Around within
My head
As though
I Know
That Your
Heart No
Longer Needs
Mine Anymore
So Just
Take All
Of Those
Petals spent
That are
All just
Now broken
And bent
And all
Detached and
Just Remember
That my
Poor heart
Still has
A name
As a
Matter of
Fact as
I am
The one
That goes
To no
Longer see
You in
That same
Light anymore
As i
Have carried
You for
Far too
Long and
Now that
Part of
My heart
And soul
Is gone
All battered
And weathered
And worn
The one
That you
Had once
So loved
And just
Adored so
Just come
Home and
Just still
Breath some
Of loves
Light and
Air Right
Back Into
My soul
As i
Can see
That part
Of me
And my
Soul is
Still just
Way too
Far gone
To ever
Go And
Please you
So Just
Go and
Tell me
That you
Have still
Gone And
Missed Me
Sometimes too
Just like
Those old
Times when
We were
Just so
In love
And we
Shall remain
The best
Of Friends
Within My
Whole heart
Forever and
Always even
In this
Most terrible
Of times ….