I am
Tortured by
The soul
Of light
Where my
Heart lays
Dark for
And i’m
Left twisted
In my
Pain where
All my
Soul’s not
Over you
So i’ll
Just keep
On bleeding
And keep
Burning while
My soul
Lies here
In pain
As all
My heart
Just keeps
On praying
That you
Will hear
My screams
And my
Soul just
Lays here
Burning with
All the
Scars of
Life burnt
As it
Was just
So soul
Destroying when
You had
Gone and
Left my
Life right
But as
This darkness
Takes my
Soul now
To a
Place that
I can’t
All of
My screaming
And my
Crying isn’t
There in
Front of
So thank
You darkness
For inviting
All of
My pain
To be
There with
As all
Of this
Night time
Is now
For holding
All of
My real
Feelings that
I’ve held
Deep down
Within me
There for
You ….