Why does the night come?
Why is it here?
Is it just to suck the life and souls right out from under us
As if to strip our souls completely bare?
Is it there just to make us think of
Why we are here?
As though to make us start
To question everything we hear?
Or even to go to feel or touch
As though our lives themselves
Are just so completely out of touch
As we all go round in such a rush?
Or is it just to see
The very heart and soul of me?
Or is it to make me question all that i have done
Or just go to do?
Just to make me think about how
To fix or to correct everything
That i would just say to do?
I just feel so lost without the light
Without seeing things for real
Once they have all come out from the night
But with this darkness it brings such a light now
And things that i just didn’t expect to see
And that’s how much it makes me see myself
And just question who it is that i really want to be
So daylight please still strip to darkness
As i do not fear all that you bring
As the only things we have to fear
Are those things that are
All there inside of me
So when i feel your presence around me
And my soul begins to ache
I will know that its within your darkest kindness
That you now bring my soul to take ….