I have
Waited my
Whole life
For someone
Like you

But i
Just don’t
Know the
First thing
That my
Heart should
Go to

Just to
Make you
See me

Right there
In front
Of you

As i’m
Afraid if
You don’t
See me

Then you
Just wont
Like what
It is
I do

So let’s
Just fly

To where
I just
Wont say
A word

And we’d
Be free
To last
Forever as
All our
Love soars
Like a

And for
Every single
Day You’ll
Be saying
I love
You and
In every
Single way
My heart
Will just
Be loving
You there

So lets
Just take
All of
Our love
And go
And fly
To another
Day where
You would
Look into
My eyes
And just
Know the
Words i
Was going
To say

And then
We can
Just be
Together for
For what
Ever it
Is we
Just want
To be

Because you
Haven’t gone
To ask
Me any
Questions about
You and
Me and
You will
Love me
Right there
Forever for
All of

Just for
Being me ….