I just
Look into
That mirror
And all
That i
Can see
Is the
Face the
Tears the
Age and
The years
And all
That i
Could be
And all
That i
Can see
Is that
My face
Has taken
All of
Those expressions
Held there
In time
And i
Can still
See all
Of those
Tears and
Laughter that
You’ve placed
Into this
Life of
Mine and
All of
The Love
And joy
And the
Grace of
Just having
You here
Right by
My side
And we
May have
Worn our
Hearts right
There upon
Our sleeves
When times
Were tough
But i
Never thought
To go
To leave
When this
Heart of
Mine had
Just had
Enough and
We’ve seen
Our children
Grow and
Then go
To leave
And many
Many storms
Along those
Rocky roads
Ahead as
We have
Gone to
Grieve and
Although we’ve
Gathered many
Things and
A home
And love
In all
Of our
Life time
It’s just
All of
Those memories
That we
Have both
Made and
Shared and
Even worn
Right here
Upon my
Face that
Will just
Go to
Last a
Life time …