Well the streets you know are a dark and dirty place and it just doesn’t distinguish between your colour, sexual orientation or race and if it wants to eat you alive then it will and you just can’t go to protest because there’s no one there to even hear you and if it wants to take all of your family and friends then it will and all of your health and wealth and all of your dignity too and you know how you used to have a home and family and maybe even a friend or two well that’s all gone and you might as well believe that they’re all dead in the end and you just aint scared of the end you know when that white light comes for you and your damned and damaged soul because it’s all been a while since you’ve eaten or even drank or you’ve even had a reason in the world to go and climb out of that big dark and deep black hole and you know all of those friends that you always thought you had well they’ve all gone off eating and laughing and having fun and living life and then snuggling up in all of their beds and you’re just left there staring out through a pane of glass that just doesn’t exist and just not even feeling whole let alone living in any form of what they even call a home so fuck all of the rich and the cold oh the fucking cold that bites and just sucks the life right out from you and all of your fingers and toes that now no longer feel like they even belong to you and then there’s the dark you know the stuff where you just can’t even see through it enough and you just don’t know if at any minute now there’ll be a knife coming your way or somebody just walking away but both of them hurt you know when you see that they just don’t care about you and you’re not even a human soul anymore or just not even there and the prostitutes the drugs and the gang life all looking out for your soul and to go and drag you down into the afterlife and well life thanks for that and all of the hell you have placed me and my mind through just so i could be here but i think i would rather not have been born than to have all of that happen to me here and that stench of death and the lack of light to where i just can’t see an end to all of this misery in sight ….