Oh dear vanity how you make me creep and crawl and drown within your insanity while you’re just twisting and distorting all of my features there while you try to play with me and my not so perfect hair and make my life feel so unsure as it just plagues me with that need to feel so perfect and all secure without any faults just like you and i are were enemies and i’m now overruled by all of your insanity with all those distorted mirrors that keep on lying to me and show my eyes things that aren’t really there as though to try and keep me from going to unfold and then trying to make me feel all stripped bare and appalled and then picturing me self destroying right then and there as though it’s just waiting to taste that hatred that i can make me feel for myself with all of its twisted tales of debate on just what i should think i look like now and whom i have been known for me to go to create.