Have you ever walked a path but yet you didn’t know where you were going?
Have you ever kissed someone and fallen in love right there without you even knowing?
There are just so many times in life that we just don’t know the what,the when,the why or the who
But yet we all just keep on living as though there’s just something out there that we’re all just meant to do
And if you could capture life in all of it’s forms and truly go to analyze it
Then i am sure that there would be so many times that we just wouldn’t go to recognize it
But yet we carry on as though the world just holds its secrets there untold
And we push through it and we fight through it until the day that we grow old
And we gather sicknesses and illnesses and just to get so sick along our way
As though we’re all kept safe at night time once we’ve done our suffering by the day
And we’re just in so much peril all of the time and there’s murders, rapes and worse
It’s as though one minute we’re all just human beings and then the next minute our whole race is cursed
And why do we do it? what is out there? and what could we get out of all of this mess?
Well it’s family, friends and love and laughter and those days that really count i guess …