I’m just
Over all
The hustle
And the
Bustle of
City life

And i
Just need
To go
And unwind
To make
Some important
Decisions in
My life

So i
Just want
To take
My soul
To where
It climbs
Above these
Silky clouds

As all
I need
To go
And do
Is just
Leave behind
These city

And i
Just want
To go
And find
My way
To that
Perfect sanctuary

As i
Just need
To go
And relieve
Myself of
Some of
This stress
Inside of

And we
Can all
Go to
Just live
There in
Such perfect

Where we
Could see
Just what
It means
For all
Of our
Hearts to
Just be

So please
Just take
My soul
To where
I know
The sun
Can shine
All day

So that
I can
Always be
In that
Perfect place
When i
Just need
To get

And whether
It is
Day or
Night it
Is always
There for
You and
Me in
Every way

Because all
I want
To do
Is just
Be free
To be

There deep
Inside of
My Perfect
Sanctuary ….