What has
Happened to
Us both?

Where did
It all
Go wrong?

How come
Our love
Has no
Place left
To go

With what
On earth’s
Been going

Look at
The both
Of us
Still trying

To tear
The other
One apart

While both
Our eyes
Are still
Here crying

From how
We’ve made
Each other
Feel here
In our

Is what
We both
Had left
To say

Worth risking
Both of
Our hearts

In all
Of this
Pain we
Feel today

Why can’t
We leave
Our fights

So we
Don’t watch
Ourselves still
fall apart

Or even
Go to
Lose our

So just
Go and
Leave me
If you
No longer

Love me
How you
Did before

Or should
We stay
And make
This work

Here today
For both
Our sake’s

As my
Heart just
Couldn’t love
You any

And what
Makes us
Go to
Feel this

When i
Have given
You both

My heart
And soul
Right here

And why
Don’t you
Know that
You’re the
Love of
My whole

And without
You this
Home just
Wouldn’t feel

So let’s
Not let
Our anger
Get in
Our way

So let’s
Just call
A truce

And show
Each other
How we
Can go
And make
All of
This right

My whole
Heart’s here
Loving you

And without
Your heart
Right next
To mine

My whole
World just
Wouldn’t feel
So right …..