I am staring
Out of these
Blue eyes
At a dead and
Darkened world
And there is
Nothing left to say
My tongue wont give up
It’s secrets today

And the people
And their faces
All they do is
Stare me though
Waiting to see those
Little traces
Of what makes me do
What i’m about to do

And i can’t stand
To see me
Standing here
Just so empty
And black and blue
And all
These drugs are
Through my system
While i am staring
Back at you

Can you see
This desperation
While it’s yearning
To come through
Can you see me
Here in waiting
To catch
The side show
Coming through

Multi colours
Of inspiration
Keep me awake now
Here for days
And i’m a lost soul
Now forever
As this needle
Kills me for days

So say goodbye
To all
Of this sunshine
And the screaming
Rage of night
As i’m so lost
Within myself now
So go and kiss
My face goodnight

And all those people
And their faces
All they do
Is stare me down
Just waiting to see
If all those traces
Of what i do
Just brings me down

So strip me naked
See me screaming
See me taking
My life to its edge
And then you
Judge me
On what i’m taking
And why i’m
Made to walk
This ledge

So good night people
And your faces
As i watch
This darkness
Coming through
And there’s
The last breath
That i’m taking
You see
I never broke
My promise
For you …..