This maybe
A mans world
But it’s full of
Destruction and despair
There are mothers screaming
Their hearts out
While they’re pulling
Out their hair
And there are children dying
And pollution in our air
Do we carry on trying to fix this
To show we even care
We have cities that are falling
And there is war time during peace
And we’re all craving oil and money
While our souls just get no peace
But we’re all saying
That we’re all human beings
And that our intelligence rules
But yet here we are
Beating up our own children
And playing by all
Our different rules
Yes we say this is a mans world
But there is murder and violence
And children getting starved
Then we beat up our own wives
What is it that we’re all
Striving for in this life
Yes you can say this is a mans world
But yet do we really care
When there’s brutality and cruelty
And our blood is every where
Yet there is something
We can all do
To make this world a better place
Well lets just say we’re
All a human being
Regardless of our race
And let’s just take out our rubbish
And replace it with some kind
And lets stop blaming our
Own neighbour
For the whole of mankind
We are willing and able
To stop all of this
And yet here we all are
Just continuing on
And forgetting about all of this
Because for as long as you wake up
And you’re in your own bed
It’s not all of our own problem to take on
It’s not all of our own children dead
Do we think we are rulers
Then why are we so stuck in our ways
And just continue to keep
Killing everything
With all of our ways
So just pray we can take
All this war and the lies
As just caring for ourselves
Is just no alibi
And if we just keep on taking
We will run out in the end
But whose is this world then
When there’s nothing there to mend ….