I’m missing
You tonight
But i wont
Call your phone
You’ve just done
Too much wrong
To me
And i would
Rather be

But i’m still
Missing you
And my eyes
Still need
Your face
And the
Conversations that
We both had
Could never
Be replaced

But you went
And had
Some other lover
And it was all
Just a big mistake
But all this silence
Breaks my heart
While i watch them
Try to take
My place

But you can have
Each another now
As the trust
I had is gone
And all the fights
That we both had
Have gone
And driven
My heart home

And i will go
And find Somebody else
Who will love me
Just for me
As i will never
let anybody else now
Put themselves
Ahead of me

As time hurts
When your heart breaks
And you took me
Right to hell and back
And you tore my heart
Right down its middle
So there is just
No turning back

And i had seen
Something in your ways
Right from the very start
But it’s just so hard
When your love is so blind
That you’re always kept
Within the dark

But now the sun has
Gone and shone down
On just what you
Have done to me
And you may have
Played me
Right from the start
But you will never
Take my heart
Again from me

So i can honestly
Say that now
My heart is
Over you
But if you’d ever
Look my way again
I want your
Heart to know
That i
Am always
Still honestly
Missing you ….