The smell
Of your
Drew me
To you
And the
Sight of
Your face
And the
Moonlight came
Flooding in
That night
And brought
It’s light
To the side
Of your

And there
I saw you
Yes i really
Saw you
With that
Look upon
Your face
The one
Where your
Is just
So nice
That it
Goes and
Places a
Smile upon
My face

And i know
I love you
I’m always
Of you
And the life
That we
Both have
And i know
That i
Wouldn’t give
Your heart
Up for
Anything in
My life
For what
We both

And i
Want to
Make you happy
And proud
That you
You have me
And keep that
Smile upon
Your face
So i
Stroke away
All of your
Lovely long hair
And just know
That i’d
Better earn
My place

So sleep tight
I promise
To be gentle
With that
Big heart
As i’m
Just so
Proud of
You and
All that
You do
And that
You’re choosing
To be here
Right by
My side

And i
Just want you
To know that
There’s nobody
That could
Ever take
Your place
Because i am
Just so grateful
For all of
The love
You have
Given me
And that
Really beautiful smile
That you always
Seem to wear
For me
Right there
Upon that
Beautiful face …..