They were innocent and young and had their whole lives ahead of them and they were just listening to their favourite song right before their lives were turned into mayhem and they were all just calling all of their family or friends and telling them how the concert went and then searching out for mum and dad who just wanted to take them home and safely tuck them into bed but then that bomb went off tearing and shredding at all of their bodies and dreams and all of that metal and nails just went pouring down on them while they were all lost within their bloodied bodies and screams and they couldn’t see their parents faces they couldn’t ring to speak to mum they were just taken from us all that day in such a barbaric and horrific way and what is done can never be undone and they will all be both mentally and physically as well psychologically scarred and some of them will lay there dead and some will always nightmare now and never go out to a concert or out with their family or friends ever again and they’ve gone and changed as they were all forced to grow up that day and see such horror within their eyes and all we can do now is listen to all of their screaming and loud and painful shrilling cries and where do we all go from here when will it all be safe again and when we can we leave all of our children in this peace time without worrying that they wont come home from their play this time ever again and what does this world now have to go and do to punish those that think they can just get away when all they will go and do is just blow themselves up so that they will all just get freely away and what do we do now as parents to go and make all of this world of ours just as safe as it was yesterday? When we have all of the answers to our questions only then can we be truly be safe to say that we have gone and had some peace time within our life times that day ….

My heart and soul goes out to everyone deeply affected by this disturbing and brutal horror x May all their souls someday find peace x