You think
It’s all over
But it’s not

You’ve taken me
Down to where
My soul hurts
But it’s
Not enough

So just
Keep on
Pushing my heart
Just that much
Further apart

But don’t you
Stop to
Look now
Or you’ll
Just break
My heart

You told me
You loved me
But that was
Just a lie

So now
All i do
Is just scream
Into my pillow
And die

All of
These tears
My eyes
Have carried
For you

Well just
One look
And you will
See them too

But i aint
Showing you
Just how
I tick

You aint Seein’
The way
That you
Just got
To me

Or how
I choose
To live

So take
That walk
And don’t you
Ever look
My way

Because i
Am going
To be alright
And i know
That’s hard
To say

But don’t
Turn around
Just one day
Take a
Look at

And you will see
yes you will
Really see

That there’s nothing
More to me
Than you
Ever made
Me out
To be

Oh my soul
Yes my soul
Is still yearning
For you back

So just
Take a look
Out for me
Because i
May still
Want you

But i am
Going to
Beg my heart
To speak
No more

As i sit
And watch you
Yes i really
Go and
Watch you

Just leave me
In this way

Right out of
My very own
Front door ….


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