I left a path
Of petals
For your
To always
Come and
Find its

To where
I stand
In love
With your heart
In my heart
Every day

But those
Winds and rain
Could carry them
Far away

But i
Know for sure
There’s nothing more
Than our love
That we feel
For each other

So let them take
A journey
To try and bring
Another heart
My way

Who would say
The same things
That you do
And try
To love
Me more
In every way

But i know
Those scattered petals
Will always land
Upon your feet

And they will
Always fly home
To the man/ woman
That i love
Because your heart
Is all
That i ever
Really need

So take
All of these
Petals to
But they
Will always
Belong to
Me and you

And always
Remember how
Now and
Forever more

That they’re
Always going
To be
A sign
Of my love
That i will
Always carry
For you ….


Wow 3 songs in as many hours! Hahahaha I’m going a bit crae crae again! But loving what is it i really love to do so i hope you love them too 🙂 x


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