Over-shadowed by emotion
You went and tore
Our love apart
But you can’t control
Pure love in motion
It’s going to control you
Right from
The very

So take a back seat
To the station
Where lovers try
To find their way
And if you’re looking for
That deep devotion
You’re gonna have to
Try and find
A better way

Because this train
Aint heading home yet
It’s still got a
Very long way
Left to go

So you’d better earn
Your way back
Into my heart
Because in the end
I’m gonna have to
Let you go

So let’s start
Running to
That station
And let this journey
Now begin
On just how much
We say that we
Love each other now
And how we’re gonna let
The other straight
Back in

Because this world
Is just way too dark
To play around
On dirty tracks
And we’ve come too far
Just to let it go now
And we now know
That there ‘aint
No turning back

So start that engine
And keep on
Moving now
To that place where
We can go
Where all of our love
Is right back on track now
Because that red light
Says that we
Can go

And don’t look back
Upon our journey
Unless there’s something
There to fix
Because this train
Is taking my heart back
To where we both can
Let our stories mix

So take a taxi
To that station
There isn’t a moment
There to miss
Because it’s the ones
That take the
Longest time
That are the one’s that
We are truly
Gonna miss

So toot toot toot
That train is coming
And we don’t want
To be no
Burning wreck
That didn’t see
All of this coming
Because of those
Little things that
We forget

So let’s just
Keep on up with
All this romance
And know to
Find our way
Back home

We just need to
Rely upon
Each other
As there is just
No journey like
The one that
You’ll take
When you’re just
Trying to get
That train
Back home…..



It’s been a while! 🙂 x


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