Don’t you
know that
Time was
Always our

I may
Have lost
You once

But it’s
Always brought
You back
To me

I know
This time
May still
Seem to

But it
Has brought
Us back
Into a

Where we
Both can
know just
What we

So don’t
Let this
Time just
Tick on

If we
Had both
Just learnt
Our lesson
Then we
Wouldn’t have
To watch
All of
This time
Go by

So let’s
Just learn
What it
Is that
This time
Has to

That each
And everyone
One of
Us here
Has got
To live
And learn
And love

Not to
Let your
Time just
Just slip
On away

As we’re
All living
For ourselves
These days
But all
We have
Is here
And now

So don’t
Let this
Time still
Take you

If we
Both had
Just spent
Our  time

Then we
Wouldn’t have
The time
To be
This way

So don’t
Take your
Time to
Let each
Other know
Exactly how
The other

As all
Of this
Time may
Still seem
Like it’s
Been your

But you
Still need
To know
It’s real

And if
This time
You let
It all
Just slip

Then your
Story book
Will end

And given
Time you
Will just
Sit and
Watch the
Other one

And all
Of your
Love and
Life just
Slip away

And can’t
You see
Now this
Is our

As yours
And my
Love will
Always last
Us both
A lifetime ……



I deeply apologize that i am not thinking too clearly at the mo. Been at the hospital and my back has gone out again! Being my daughter and Granddaughters carer has sadly come at a cost. Plenty of pain killers has my mind a bit like scrambled egg plus i have the flu! hahahaha. Never mind. I just hope that you can see what it is that i am at least trying to say and i can always fix it up another day 🙂 x Have a great weekend guys! x


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