Hey baby
I couldn’t
Love you
Anymore if
I tried
And i
Have nothing
More that
I could
Possibly hide

Now baby

So how
About it
Or everything
I feel
And know
Is just
A lie

And i
Would failed
But at
Least i
Know that
I would
Have tried

Now baby

As you
Are everything
That i
Know that
I like

And there’s
No shelter
When the
Heart has
No pride

Now baby

So why
Has all
Of this
Love that
I have
Got to
Go and
To hide

When i
Just can’t
Contain just
What i’m
Feeling inside

Now baby

And baby
You’re the
One thing
That i
Know that
I like

Oh Oh

Many times
I’ve tried
To show
You what
I’m like
What i’m
Holding in
My heart
What i
Have down
Deep inside
What i
Want within
My soul
What i
Think that
You may

Many meaningful
Connections i

Are always
Broken deep

But i
Am here
For your
Protection and
I wont
Leave you
Or by
Your side

Because girl
You just
Complete me

Along with
Those rhythms
And those

Just when
I think
You’re gonna
Leave me

You go
And pull
Me now

And then
You tell
Me that
You love
Me now
And just
How you’re
Feeling deep

And baby
How you’re
Heart is
Feeling alright

And how
Your body
Is gonna
Take me
To  that
Rainbow deep

Where all
The colours
Of our
True love
Are gonna
Light up
The sky

And you’re
Just so
Sure that
It’s going
To delight

So baby
Just come
On and
Kiss me

And just
Turn out
Those lights …


In memory of our Beloved George Michael on his Birthday. Ours are only one day apart. You have taught me everything that i know. Don’t fear. Just say it as it is and put it out there. Music is alive forever we are not. x God Bless x


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